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Design and Programming


Programmers and designers at CRPT work closely with our customers to provide the best products and services.

We have a full time designer on staff that uses the latest and most updated Solidworks software while designing with or for our customers. All CRPT staff are trained to do all their own programming on CNC machines using Master Cam. We pride ourselves on always having the latest updated version of Master Cam. CRPT has 3 axis and 4 axis capabilities with Master Cam. 

With the use of technology; video conferencing, screen shares, and e-mail we work closely with our customers ensuring a smooth design process. 


Our programmers interpret project blueprints and program the machines to produce the product specified by the customer. 

Have an idea, but don't know how to make it come to fruition . Talk with one of our designers, who will work with you to create the product you've envisioned. 

John Fennig
General Manager/Designer Engineer 
Jason Siegrist


Cross Road Precision Tool, Inc.

7747 East 800 South (Jay Co.) Union City,  Indiana  47390

Phone : (260) 335-2772  

 Fax : (260) 335-2770

John H. Fennig

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